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Welcome to Model Chat.

With Instant Live Chat


This forum was formed in Jan 2011 and is a forum built by modellers for the benefit of modellers.
We are non profit making & don't charge for membership.
We are less strict than many forums & do allow mild swearing in some areas & stronger 
language in others. For this reason we issue the warning that Parental Guidance is Advised.
In actual fact you could probably hear worse on daytime TV.
In reality, we can't censor the internet & kids will find a lot worse than us if they try.

We're a friendly crowd & welcome newcomers. All you need to do to join is provide a name, a valid e-mail address & choose your own password. You will be sent an activation link to that e-mail adress just to verify that you are not a spam bot. (Please check that your activation link has not gone to your junk mail.)
We have had a couple of cases where a genuine applicant has been blocked by our spam filters.... allow me to explain.
Our log in system automatically checks an international database that lists known spam e-mail addresses, I.P addresses & usernames .... we don't list them ourselves.
If you have any problems registering then it's probably because there's something listed against one of these & maybe you'd like to know about it. Usernames are the most common cause of being blocked. .... If you are unfortunate enough to get blocked, either try a different username or contact the admin team at, team@modelchat.org.uk

We have very few rules, please read them here. http://modelchat.org.uk/forum/rules

Please enjoy the forum.
Phil Wood. (Polyphilla)